I am a ceramic artist working from my garden studio in rural Sussex creating unique hand crafted one-off pieces. I am inspired by the natural world around me. I’m an avid walker and I love to spend time amongst the trees, clouds, light and sound which fuels my creativity. I feel deeply connected to the earth. Clay has primal qualities and is so dynamic.

My designs have a natural flow and rhythm, they are as unique as every tree, leaf and flower.

My signature style is to 'throw' and then to 'pinch'. And my creations are bowls.

When I am working I love to have music around me. The rhythm and melodies guide my pinching.

I’m a massage therapist and I want to create something tangible that represents natural and organic forms, so making bowls seems a good starting-point. Something that holds energy; functionally useful; earthy and asymmetrical inspired by a greater force. Most of my pots make themselves and become a meditation. I love when people hold my creations and 'feel' them. I like that people appreciate them in a visceral sense where words are not necessary.

I have always been interested in Photography and most of the pictures on this site are mine (apart from the photos of me!).

To learn more about my work and the inspirations behind it press on the pictures below, follow me on Facebook (@potsbyroj), & Instagram (@rogerdwekpottery) and visit me on Etsy (rogerthebowlmaker) & Pinterest.

A selection of pots is available for sale through this site - press on Shop above for more details. If you like something that has already been sold please contact me to commission a bowl similar to one that has already found a new home.